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Every school employee makes a difference. Whether you illustrate subtraction to a 2nd grader, drive a bus of middle school students to school each morning, or guide two high school students through conflict resolution, your influence will be felt for a lifetime.

“I have a bachelor’s degree.”

Jobs that require a bachelor’s degree include teacher, substitute teacher, administrator, and specialist positions. You may also choose to work in any other field listed in the categories below.


“I have an associate’s degree.”

You are qualified to be a paraeducator. You may also consider pathways to become a teacher.


“I have a high school diploma or equivalent.”

There are a number of jobs in education that require a high school diploma or equivalent. Consider being a bus driver, a custodian, food service worker, or a paraeducator.


“I’m a military veteran.”

If you are a military veteran with a bachelor’s degree, you may qualify for assistance to become a teacher through the Troops to Teachers program.

You may also put your military training to work in a variety of positions such as bus driver, custodian/groundskeeper, food service or paraeducator.


“I’ve worked in a specialized business or industry.”

CTE teachers often come from a background in business or industry and bring real-world experience to the classroom.


“I’m in high school.”

Learn more about a rewarding career as a teacher and how to find a college program that meets your needs.

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